Themes parks

Riccione is not only beach…but also lots of amusements with its fantastic parks for the whole family!


Adventure, fun, discovery: Oltremare is the new theme park on the Riccione hill. The biggest Dolphin Lagoon in Europe, the most amazing sea horses from the whole world, encounters with farm animals, the Po river delta habitat, the flight of birds of prey, the turtle hospital, the green trails, the meteorite impact… 110 thousand m2 make up the most exciting tribute to our Planet and our Sea, where entertainment is also an occasion to learn, an experience with a high educational content. Once you have seen Oltremare, you will never forget it.

Acquario di Cattolica, exhibiting pools home to over 3000 specimens belonging to 400 species from the whole world. Films, animation, an interesting 3D about the marine food chain and the special monitoring room showing “behind the scenes” offer further insight on your visit. Sharks are the main attraction of the aquarium: 50 specimens from 13 different species, from the smaller Mediterranean sharks to the larger South African Bull Sharks. Cattolica aquarium offers visitors the exclusive opportunity of a real dive in the large shark tank. Special “Bully System” equipment allows everyone to experience a “FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER WITH SHARKS”. Two exhibition areas complete the aquarium tour: “POISONS”, a two thousand year history of poisons among animals, plants, minerals, history, art and legend. A brand new interactive show called “THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA”, the sea is not a silent universe, fish communicate, too, let’s find out how.

Aquafan is the most famous water park in Europe. With a 100 thousand m2 surface and over 3 km of slides, shows, entertainment, music and fashion… Aquafan is much more than a water park. Since 1987 Aquafan has always left its mark on fashions and trends by taking on the role of trend and style observatory and laboratory. Aquafan is one big show, even at night… For many years the Walky Cup disco has been the highlight of Romagna Riviera nightlife thanks to events manager Linus. No summer is a true summer without Aquafan. Divertimento a qualsiasi età!

Visit also the other Parks of Riviera…

Italia in MiniaturaIs the Italian historical, architectural and cultural heritage theme park, which has blended fun and learning since 1970. Only here can you experience the excitement of “travelling” and learning while walking around the 272 perfect scale reproductions of architectural marvels of the “Bel Paese” (the beautiful country). Italia in Miniatura means discovering physics by playing in the Science fun fair, feeling your heart leap on attractions like the Canoe and the Sling Shot, meeting Casanova, sailing through a reproduction of Venice, which is actually one fifth the size of the original. You will also be able to day dream as you walk beside illustrious historical figures, discovering the most important facts of our history in the new show called The History of Italy; you will also be able to test your expertise at the steering wheel of special cars on the new attraction called Interactive Driving School and get a special driving licence; and you will be able to take part in refreshing water battles to the last drop at Cannonacqua (Watercannon).

Fiabilandia The children’s world par excellence; the place to spend a special day enjoying yourself among the large green areas and over 30 attractions for the whole family. This place attracts bus loads of school kids and is ideal for combining teaching and fun, offering as it does plenty of stimulation – from the path around lakeBernardo (a real nature reserve) to the botanical trails and initiatives related to the environment. The Park offers catering points, picnic areas, large car-park and a small swimming pool for children inside a rocky oasis. The initial part of a big extension project, the Peter Pan’s Bay attraction is dedicated to the adventures of one of the most popular characters, with children and adults alike: the trail crosses Captain Hook’s boat, the Treasure Skull and the secret Cave of Peter Pan’s House; The pirate ship, a breathtaking attraction, where you can sit inside a boat that rocks up to 180°. Last but not least, the shows: Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio, both ON ICE, the Laugh Festival, the Wild West stunt show and lots of entertainment!

is Italy’s largest fun park and is located at Ravenna; it has 7 theme areas, 43 attractions, 12 live shows and a huge nature park covering 850,000 square metres, of which 250,000 square metres of gardens with three splendid lakes. Thanks to the attention it has shown for nature, Mirabilandia has obtained the Support of the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Protection. To spend a day at Mirabilandia means taking on the guise of “Indiana Jones” on the Pakal roller-coaster, of an explorer on the Rio Bravo rapids, of “Top Gun” thanks to the Columbia & Discovery towers, of an astronaut by “tackling” Katun, Europe’s number one suspended roller-coaster! For those who prefer to take their excitement comfortably sat down, there is PoliceAcademy, one of Europe’s most thrilling Stunt Shows. And don’t miss the great western show, Los Gringos Saloon. Every year, June marks the opening of Mirabilandia Beach, the Caribbean beach of Mirabilandia; white sand, palm trees and lots of water games, including RIO DIABLO: a breathtaking trip on the blue lagoon of Mirabilandia Beach.