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SEPTEMBER: Bike u. Strand Angebot

1 Liegestühl und Strandtuch beim Bademeister 110 kostenlos gebrauchen

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Spezielles Schwimm Trainingslager

in der Nähe des Schwimmbad, nur wenige Meter weit vom Meer und Strand

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Speziell Athletik Trainingslager

Hotel Poker Riccione.... 
der richtige Ort für Ihre Athletik Trainingslager!

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Special Squash Stage in Riccione Italy

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Squash Lovers.. do not miss this great opportunity!
Why do not organize your squash stage at the new squash federation centre of Riccione
For you special prices and high quality services!


* Welcome Drink at your arrival
* A rich buffet breakfast with salty and sweet homemade pastries, yogurt,
fresh fruits, ham, cheese, eggs, and coffees served at tables
* Free car park
* Free transfer from Rimini airport or Riccione train station
* and Mediaset Premium (29 foregner channels)  in all rooms

Price per person per day
September 2014
Double room 35,00€

...And with us to rent squash fields is more convevient
15,00€ per hour!!  

Contact us for further info or to reserve your stay!!
0039 541 647744 -

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