Cycling routes and paths

Our expert cycle guides and are ready to come with you along the beautiful routes of our hinterland and to give you any information you may need. Everybody can choose a tailor-made excursion.

  • the NORTH area of Riccione, containing routes crossing Rimini to the direction of Cesena;
  • the CENTER area, including all the routes from Riccione to the direction of the Republic of San Marino;
  • the SOUTH zone, including the routes crossing the Marche region.

Romagna’s map

Suggested cycling routes

N.°PathDirectionZoneDifficultyDistanceGradient of a road
 1The road of the hills of Romagna Rimini Santarcangelo Coriano Morciano Mondaino Rimini N3 Km. 110 Mt. 990
 2Castles of The Malatesta (From Colle Giove)Bellaria Torriana Montebello San Marino Montefiore Bellaria N5 Km. 156 Mt. 2700
3The Furlo gorgeRiccione Urbino Acqualagna Furlo Riccione S 5Km. 151 Mt. 2200
 4 Castles of the Malatesta (From Monte Lauro)Cattolica Tavoleto Mercantino Conca San Marino Verucchio Cattolica C 3Km. 121 Mt. 1550
5 Olive oil tourMisano Adriatico Mondaino Morciano Montescudo Misano Adriatico C 4Km. 90 Mt. 1200
6Hill climbers’ tour N°1  Riccione Montescudo Montegrimano Monte Altavelio Riccione C 4Km. 100Mt. 1750
 7Three regions tour (Romagna Marche Tuscany)Riccione Mercantino Conca Passo Cantoniera Sestino Montecchio RiccioneC 5 Km. 157Mt. 2000
 8The mini “9 colli”Bellaria Sogliano Mercato Saraceno Perticara San Leo San Marino BellariaN 5 Km. 135Mt. 2600
9Hill climbers’ tour n°2Torre Pedrera Santarcangelo Perticara Verucchio Torre Predera N 4Km. 114 Mt. 1550
10Boletus mushroom tour (Cippo)Riccione Carpegna Monte Carpegna Mercatino Conca San Marino Riccione C 5 Km. 105 Mt. 1850
11From the coast to the hills and back Riccione Mondaino Montecchio Pesaro Fiorenzuola Riccione S3 Km. 85Mt. 900
12Montefeltro tourRiccione Tavoleto Urbino Fano Pesaro Riccione S3 Km. 135Mt. 1100
13Raffaello tour (Urbino) Riccione Tavoleto Urbino Montecchio RiccioneS3Km. 100Mt. 1200
14 Sangiovese wine tourRiccione Coriano Mercatino Conca RiccioneC 2 Km. 65 Mt. 600
15Visita a cagliostro (San Leo) Rimini Montegiardino San Leo Villagrande Mercatino Conca Rimini C 4 Km. 105 Mt. 1850
16The valleys of the Marche Cattolica Fano Arzilla Montecchio Cattolica S 3Km. 78Mt. 900
17 “Sea-Lovers” panoramic tourRimini Fiorenzuola Fano Fiorenzuola Rimini S 2Km. 107 Mt. 650
18 The cuckolds’ tour Rimini Santarcangolo Verucchio San Marino Rimini N 3 Km. 87Mt. 1100
19The Grillo pass Rimini Santarcangelo Ponte Uso Passo del Grillo Rimini N 3 Km. 90Mt. 800
20To the “Glories” of Romagna Rimini Santarcangelo Cesenatico Bellaria RiminiN1 Km. 61Mt. 250