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Rimini Challenge 70.3 Italien

Sonntag 11. Mai 2014... Rimini Challenge 70.3.. ein Ereignis nicht zu verlieren!

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Spezielles Schwimm Trainingslager

in der Nähe des Schwimmbad, nur wenige Meter weit vom Meer und Strand

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Speziell Ostern 2014

viel Spaß für die ganze Familie und große Freude für die Kinder!!!!

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Speziell Athletik Trainingslager

Hotel Poker Riccione.... 
der richtige Ort für Ihre Athletik Trainingslager!

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A beautiful Park to explore!

The hearth of Oltremare is a reproduction of the small bay of Dalmatia in Croatia. It holds 9 million litres of seawater and is home of Ulisse's, the most curious dolphin of Europe and of his friends, featuring in an entertaining show of nature


This farm is a theatre where the farmyard is like the stage and the actors are pigs, ducks, goats, rabbits and many other animals. They help us to look more closely at the world of domestic and wild animals in a farm of the Po Delta.


Hundreds of seahorses, sea dragons, pipefish and invertebrates in one of the most complete live exhibitions in the world. From the Caribbean to the Australian Great Barrier Reef, take a voyage filled with beautiful colours, odd shapes and improbable camouflage.


his is the big movie theatre with a seating capacity of 500 seats where incredible 3D films are shown. It is the most spectacular and exciting cinema experience in the world.